Social Media Management

Your Customers Use Social Media, So Should you!


Social media for business is more than just creating a page

Having a social media presence is mandatory in today's world.  Consumers turn to social media for just about everything.  You wouldn't consider not having an email address or a phone number, social media should be in that category as well.  Not only does having a presence improve your visibility and increase your SEO, it also allows customers to interact with your business and refer you to their friend, family and co-workers.  Social media reaches customers where they are, putting your business in front of them in the place they are looking.   

 In order for social media to be effective there are several aspects that come into play. Creating intriguing and eye catching posts is the first step to engaging your target audience.  The second part is knowing when to have your posts appear in order to gain the maximum exposure.

Social media is a great resource to drive customers to your business.  Our social media campaigns are built with your target customer in mind.


Initial Set-up

If you have not yet joined any social media platforms - This is the package for you!

We will setup your profiles including

  • Profile picture
  • Contact information & website
  • Operating hours
  • Bio & introduction
  • Cross platform linking
  • Social media for business training
  • Initial awareness campaign
  • 30 days of content 














You have an account(s), but really don't know how to make them work for you or just don't have the time - 

Let us help you with

  • Creating intriguing and relevant content
  • Strategic distribution
  • Responding to customer inquiries immediately
  • Responding to customer reviews
  • Creating compelling call to action posts
  • Initiating customer interaction
  • Creating Business to Business relationships













Advertising Campaign

You want to use social media to maximize your exposure and reach new customers - 

We use market research to determine the best strategy for your campaign to

  • Create proposed budget for campaign
  • Create eye catching images
  • Include call to action
  • Target specific demographics for distribution
  • Provide performance reports
  • Adjust campaign as necessary for peak results